I have confidence- sometimes….

I have confidence- sometimes....

Imagine this: You’re getting ready to work out, you change, you do the whole shebang and when you’re done, you get this feeling. It’s such a wonderful feeling, too, isn’t it? You feel happier and healthier. In case you didn’t know, exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. I bring this up because I have recently begun exercising again. I need to get healthier and lately, I never have time. So, I decided to find a way to make time….(and it’s working). Anyways, I just wanted to put this out there because when I finished my workout, I felt so good, I sort of wanted to put up a picture on instagram or facebook or whatever. I was proud.

But I didn’t. I felt so self-conscious. I know that it’s partly me. I mean, even though it’s not highly recommended, sometimes the best thing is to not think and just do. I couldn’t do that. I mean, I’ve never been bullied in my life- at least not that I’ve noticed- but nowadays anyone can have access to anything and watching other people bully others based on something is disheartening. Insecurity is my problem, I will work through it, but happiness is not just one person. Anything you do and say affects other people.

~ Just food for thought. ~ LoveLoveLove, Melissa x

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